Happy and satisfied patients, our milestones of success.

Each day brings to us, a sense of fulfilment and happiness as we successfully make a positive difference to the lives of our patients. The smile on their faces is our best reward.
Here are accounts of their journey towards total health with us, in their own words.

Tawfiq Skandar   |   Age 32

"Relief after 22 years of pain and distress."

Tawfiq Skandar, a 32 year old Afghani had been bedridden from the age of 10. Severely tormented by acute joint pain, he could not even sleep. After innumerable consultations and treatments in Afghanistan proved ineffective, he was brought to Athaayu Hospital. Here, he has undergone Total Hip Replacement and is scheduled to undergo a Total Knee Replacement after a couple of months.

As put by his brother Saleem, "Due to the expert treatment at Athaayu Hospital, Tawfiq is already feeling a lot better and can now sleep well without pain. We are thankful to the doctors at Athaayu Hospital and wish them the best."

Rajashree Vanjani    |   Age 62

"After many years, I can walk on my own."

"Over the years, a number of doctors and many treatments had proved futile in reducing my back pain. However, my ordeal ended when I came to Athaayu Hospital. Here, I received appropriate and perfect medical advice and treatment. After my spine surgery, I can now walk again on my own."

"My best wishes to Athaayu Hospital."

Mrs. Vandana Yadav   |   Age 45

"TKR helped me walk with ease in less than a month."

"I had suffered from knee pain for many years. The doctors at Athaayu hospital recommended Total Knee Replacement after a thorough check-up. Because of TKR I can walk well now. Athaayu Hospital provides excellent, high quality medical facilities."

"I am grateful to Athaayu Hospital for their warm care."