Date: 1 August 2017

Isolation Rooms

At Athaayu Hospital we always aim to provide futuristic medical care to the people of Kolhapur and the surrounding areas. Taking this high ideal a step forward we have upgraded our MICU by adding hi-tech isolation rooms to it.

The isolation rooms are a facility that curb the spread of viral and bacterial infection in the MICU. This ensures the complete protection of all the patients there.

The immunocompromised patients who are at a constant risk of infection due to their extremely deficient immune system are kept in an isolation room where positive pressure is maintained. The micro organic carriers of infections are thus barred from entering the room due to the positive pressure, thus protecting the patient from any further complications.

In some cases, an already infected patient is kept in an isolation room so that the spread of the infection to other patients in the MICU can be curbed. Here, negative pressure is maintained so that the disease carrying virus or bacteria cannot disperse outside the room.

The isolation rooms are especially useful in the treatment of patients of Dengue, Swine-flu or in the case of immunocompromised Cancer patients.

Athaayu Hospital is on the forefront in providing advanced medical care lined with compassion.

Date: 15 July 2017

VIP Suites

A major part of the treatment of a hospitalized patient is the recovery process during his stay in the hospital. It is very necessary that comfort and convenience should complement medical care that is provided to the patient.

Moreover, the hospital stay can become very difficult for the friends and relatives who accompany the patient. Athaayu Hospital has recently opened 11 luxurious AC VIP suites, which are well-furnished and comfortably secluded rooms with extra amenities like:

  • Wi-fi facility
  • Television, refrigerator, microwave oven
  • Separate bed for 1 attendant
  • Privacy to every bed given by provision of curtains
  • Nurse calling facility at every bed with intercom connection
  • PA System for common Meditation Program
  • Nurse call in toilets in case of emergency in the toilet
  • Medical gas lines given to resuscitate patients in emergency
Athaayu’s VIP suites make it possible for the attendant to look after his loved one without having to put his life on hold.

Date: 30 June 2017

Dr. Kenji Kawajiri’s visit to Kolhapur

Dr. Kenji Kawajiri, a world-renowned cardiologist from Japan, an expert in the ‘Minimally Invasive Procedure’ that provides a reliable option to the bypass surgery was available at Athaayu Hospital for consultation and treatment from 19th to 23rd June, 2017.

Dr. Kenji Kawajiri’s surgical expertise proved to be a blessing to the difficult cardiac patients who had been recommended a bypass surgery. Many heart patients utilised the opportunity of consulting him and receiving medical guidance from him. Typically difficult cardiac cases with multiple arterial blocks or even 100% blocks were operated upon by him.

The cardiac patients in Kolhapur were lucky to be treated by an international expert in their home town. What more could they ask for!

Date: 19 June, 2017

Bypass the bypass surgery

Dr. Kenji Kawajiri, a famous Japanese cardiologist, and an expert in minimally invasive procedure that removes arterial blocks without a bypass is now at Athaayu, Kolhapur. Dr. Kenji Kawajiri performs this surgery all over the world. He will be available for consultation and surgery at Athaayu Multi-Speciality Hospital till 23rd June, 2017.

Dr. Kenji Kawajiri had visited Athaayu last year to demonstrate this minimally invasive procedure to aspiring surgeons in Kolhapur. This year, he is here to operate on some of the most serious cardiac patients.

Dr. Kenji Kawajiri’s visit is a golden chance for chronic heart patients to get cured without a bypass surgery. What’s more, Athaayu Hospital is offering special support in the form of free or discounted hospital admission charges, hospital stay, RMO services and refreshments to patients.

Date: 19 Feb, 2017

An able hospital for a healthy town

Kolhapur has always been on the fore front in the field of educational and economic development. However, on the medical front there were a lot of unfulfilled requirements. People had to travel to Mumbai, Pune or other metro cities for appropriate diagnosis, latest tests or advanced treatment. Obviously, this was not feasible at all times and hence the availability of a full-fledged hospital had become the need of the day.

Athaayu multi-speciality hospital is a 60,000 sq feet hospital with the latest infrastructure with cutting edge medical equipment and a team of well-qualified doctors. A one-of-its-kind hospital in Kolhapur it fulfils the medical requirement of not just Kolhapur but even surrounding towns and villages.

Athaayu boasts of a 10,000 sq ft OT complex with well-euipped OT for each speciality. A Cathlab and a Cardiac OT comprise of state-of-the-art equipment for complete cardiac care. There is a Trauma OT to tackle any unforeseen medical emergencies with a separate access to avoid any delay in reaching the OT. We also have a separate Minor OT for regular surgical procedures.

A reliable ambulance service, available 24 x 7, consists of all updated gadgets to provide medical aid, till the patient reaches the hospital.

Athaayu has ICU, ICCU that consist a team of qualified and compassionate staff and high precision equipment to provide fully-monitored critical care.

The recovery rooms in Athaayu cater to all strata of the society. All the rooms are spacious and airy maintaining a pleasant atmosphere that facilitate faster recuperation. The 28 bedded general ward has separate beds and examination rooms allotted for female patients. Semi private rooms, private rooms with added facilities and VIP suites with refrigerators, television and microwave cater to the affluent people in and around Kolhapur.

Ancillary services like a well-developed pathology, an x-ray unit and an in-house pharmacy make the whole medical process a lot more convenient to the patients.

With all the cutting edge medical technology at their service, the people of Kolhapur can now rely on getting prompt and precise treatment in their home town itself.

Athaayu Multi-speciality Hospital.

Able. Agile. Aware.

Date: 19 Feb, 2017

Medical self-reliance for Kolhapur

Along with providing international healthcare through expert diagnosis and accurate treatment to the people in and around Kolhapur, Athaayu strives to make Kolhapur medically more aware and capable. With the intention of spreading health awareness, Athaayu has arranged 30 camps till date and has touched more than 3000 lives in the process.

Athaayu has been associated with reputed clubs and organizations like Rotary Club, Shrimant Akhilesh Ghadge Foundation, Shivaray Shikshan Prasarak Mandal and Sindhi Samaj to name a few. Due to the joint efforts of Athaayu and its highly esteemed social associates Kolhapur has witnessed a series of impressive and effective health awareness camps for the young and the old, men and women, working people, homemakers and students alike.

Each and every health camp conducted by Athaayu has been accepted well by the people of Kolhapur and the surrounding areas. Here is a list of some of the camps that have touched the lives of thousands of people simultaneously:

  • Healthy Heart Camp
  • Liver Camp
  • Total Knee Replacement Camp
  • Gynaecology Camp
  • Proctology Camp
  • Varicose Veins Camp
  • Free Health check-up Camp

Educational Seminars:

With the intention of elevating the medical facilities available in Kolhapur to an international level, Athaayu organized a number of educational seminars for the benefit of medical practitioners in and around Kolhapur. The aspiring surgeons got an opportunity to interact with highly distinguished and globally respected medical personalities like Dr. Aymen Ramadan, a spine and neuro surgeon from Geneva and Dr. Kenji Kawajiri, a cardiologist from Japan.

Dr. Aymen Ramadan had visited Athaayu Hospital, Kolhapur in March 2017, and conducted educational sessions on Cervical Arthroplasty Vs Arthrodesis and Lumber Interspinous Device. He shared valuable insights about spine and neuro surgeries with the budding surgeons of Kolhapur.

For the benefit of the people in Kolhapur a Spine check-up camp was also conducted where people got a chance to personally consult Dr. Aymen Ramadan.

Dr. Kenji Kawajiri a world renowned Japanese cardiologist had come to Athaayu on 22nd March, 2016 to give a demo of his innovative minimally invasive method of removing even 100% heart blockages. The session received a very good response from up-coming surgeons.

Dr. Kawajiri is scheduled to visit Athaayu again in June, July and October 2017 to perform surgeries on complicated cases of 100% cardiac blockages.