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Dr. Kenji Kawajiri

Tottori University School of Medicine,

Dr. Kenji Kawajiri is a world-renowned cardiologist from Japan who has successfully performed thousands of minimally invasive surgeries all over the world to cure CTO.

Dr. Kawajiri visited Athaayu Hospital from the 19th to 23rd June 2017 and made his surgical expertise available to the people in and around Kolhapur. He performed minimally invasive surgeries on typically difficult cardiology patients with multiple blocks or even 100% blocks who had been advised to undergo the bypass or open heart surgery.

Advantages of Minimally Invasive Procedure for CTO

Bypass surgery was the only solution till date for cardiac patients who had many arterial blocks, or blocks that are total or 100% in nature.

Minimally invasive procedure offers an easier and economical way to bypass this situation. Hence ‘Bypass the bypass surgery’.

There are many advantages of the minimally invasive procedure over traditional surgical options:
1. Minimum cut required.

This means that there is no need to do an open heart surgery. There is no need to cut open the rib cage and operate upon the heart directly.

Here only an angioplasty is done through a small hole in the chest.

2. Minimum stay at the hospital.

Since a critical surgery like the bypass is not performed, there is no need to remain at the hospital ICU for more than 4-5 days depending on the patient’s medical diagnosis and condition.

3. Easier in nature.

Since the surgery is minimally invasive, loss of blood is very minimal resulting is lesser loss of energy which results in faster recovery.

4. Economical than the bypass.

These above factors make the minimally invasive procedure comparitively economical than the bypass.

A blessing to cardiac patients in Kolhapur

Kolhapur just witnessed the advent of a new era in cardiac care. With Dr. Kenji Kawajiri, the famous and highly successful Japanese cardiologist coming to Athaayu, the cardiac patients in Kolhapur were blessed with a reliable option for bypass surgery.

Dr. Kenji Kawajiri is well known for his ‘Minimally Invasive Procedure’ that provides an effective solution to Chronic Total Occlusion, CTO or 100% arterial blocks. From 19th to 23rd June, 2017 the heart patients in Kolhapur had the opportunity to consult him and get expert guidance and treatment from him. He also operated on many complicated cardiac patients and removed multiple and even 100% arterial blocks with his ‘Minimally Invasive Procedure’, thus eliminating the need for a bypass surgery.

Apart from that, it also helped them by doing away with the inconvenience of travelling to Pune or Mumbai for such advanced medical treatment. It also proved to be a lot more economical than going to metro cities for medical care as it saved their expenses on travel and accommodation there.

Dr. Kawajiri’s bond with Kolhapur dates back to last year. He had been here on 22nd March, 2016 to deliver a lecture on his ‘Minimally Invasive Procedure’ to the budding surgeons. His knowledge and style of explaining the medical procedure struck a chord with the medical fraternity here. The feeling was mutual and Dr. Kawajiri promised to re-visit Kolhapur, to perform a few complicated cardiac cases. Accordingly, he was here from 19th to 23rd June, 2017.

In the press conference that took place in Athaayu Hospital, Dr. Kawajiri mentioned that he would like to visit Kolhapur next year too and provide his medical expertise to the people of this area.

Athaayu is proud to have introduced Kolhapur to an internationally eminent medical personality like Dr. Kenji Kawajiri.


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